GFSDTR320HD / 500HD : TV Connection

The GFSDTR320/500HD Freesat High Definition Digital Recorder series is optimised for a HD (High Definition up to 1080p) output via the HDMI lead and is equipped with two SCART connections.


When using the SCART connection; you will only be able to watch programmes in SD (Standard Definition).

Please note: SCART lead is not included.

Please note: Both Satellite feeds must be used. Click HERE for more information. 

Did you know? The second SCART socket on your GFSDTR320/500HD Freesat High Definition Digital Recorder can be used to connect a Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) or other device.

To connect the SCART-VCR (EXT2 AUX) output on the rear of the set top box to the SCART input on your VCR or other recording device.

To watch a connected VCR: Press the TV/VCR button on the remote control to swap the source. Press again to switch back to the set top box.

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