GFSDTR320HD / 500HD : Software Update

To update your GFSDTR320/500HD Freesat High Definition Digital Recorder software you will need the following:

  1. A PC with an internet connection.
  2. A 2GB or less USB stick that is formatted to FAT32.
  3. The latest software is available below (Zipped update is the same for both 320 and 500Gb models).
  4. A GFSDTR320/500HD Freesat High Definition Digital Recorder with both satellite cables connected to SAT IN 1 and SAT IN 2.

This software update is strictly for models containing GFSDTR320/500HD only.

It is important that you follow the software update instructions carefully.

Failure to do so could corrupt the software on your GFSDTR320/500HD Freesat High Definition Digital Recorder making it unusable. 



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