FREESAT : Missing channel troubleshooting

If you are missing channels, follow these steps to troubleshoot your FREESAT Digital TV box.

1. Double check the satellite cable connection. Make sure that it's tightly screwed on at both ends and does not show signs of water ingress or corrosion.

2. Tune to channel 101 (BBC1). Press MENU followed by 0. What is the signal strength and quality scores? (we would expect 70%+).

3. Exit the SYSTEM INFORMATION page.

4. Tune to channel 204 (Euronews). Press MENU followed by 0. What is the signal strength and quality scores? (we would expect 70%​+)

5. Exit the SYSTEM INFORMATION page.

6. If signal scores are low, this may suggest a dish alignment problem. If scores are good try tuning to a channel on a different frequency:

134 = CBS Drama

135 = CBS Reality

137 = CBS Action

142 = True Entertainment


7. If you are able to tune to the channel, go to the SYSTEM INFORMATION page and check the Network ID and Transport ID details for each channel. They should be:

134 = CBS Drama - Network = 003b Transport 0840

135 = CBS Reality - Network = 003b Transport 0844

137 = CBS Action - Network = 003b Transport 0841

142 = True Entertainment - Network 003b Transport 083e


8. If these are different or not showing, perform a First Time Installation. This will refresh the channel line up and ensure channels are where they are supposed to be.

9. After the First Time Installation has completed, check to see if the channels are available.

10. If they are there, problem solved. If not this strongly suggests that the dish is out of alignment. Contact FREESAT on 0345 313 0051 where they will will be able to put you in touch with your local FREESAT approved Installer for further assistance.

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