MODULE : How to connect to Wi-Fi

To connect MODULE to your Home Wi-Fi Network:

1. Connect the MODULE to your Hi-Fi and then to power and press the power button on top and the  indicator will blink yellow to show MODULE is booting up. 

2. Once booted:

    a. If  is flashing white twice per second, the MODULE is in WiFi set up mode. Go to step 3

    b. If  is flashing white just once per second, the MODULE is waiting to connect to another network. Press the RESET button for 5 seconds and wait for the LED to flash twice per second.

3. Go into your smart device's WiFi settings and select MODULE ######_AJ when it becomes available*. This may take a moment or two.

4. Once connected to MODULE you can give it a name to identify it. Enter the name and click Next. 

5. Select your Home WiFi Network from the drop-down list and enter the password.

6. Please wait while MODULE logs in and is connected to your Home Wi-Fi Network. Once connected the  will be a solid white.

7. Download, install and open the AllPlay Jukebox app. Select your player and play music!


*###### is the last 6 digits of the MAC address shown on the bottom of MODULE


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