HERITAGE : How to manually tune a DAB station.

It shouldn't be necessary, in most cases, to tune manually as the Heritage Digital Radio will automatically scan for stations when it is first turned on. You can perform a rescan at any time by pressing the SCAN button on the front panel if new stations become available in your area.

It is possible to manually tune to a specific channel/frequency to add a station to the list. This can be used to obtain the optimum reception for a specific channel/frequency, taking into account the position of the aerial and your local environment. 

1. Press the MENU button and turn the TUNE/SELECT dial to the manual scan option.

2. Press the TUNE/SELECT dial to confirm. The display will show the channel number and frequency as shown below:

3. Turn the TUNE/SELECT dial to step between the channels. Press the TUNE/SELECT dial to select the current station.

4. If there is an ensemble (or multiplex) corresponding to the selected channel and frequency, the display will show a tuning meter with the signal strength and multiplex name after a few seconds. 

6. To exit the manual scan mode, press the TUNE/SELECT dial. 



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