GCR1881DABIP : How to connect to iPhone/iPod.

The GCR1881DABIP DAB Digital Alarm Clock Radio with iPhone Dock is equipped with a universal dock to allow you to connect your iPod or iPhone*.

It will also charge your iPod/iPhone battery when the device is docked:

1. Dock the iPod/iPhone and press the Power button to turn the unit on.

2. Press the MODE button to select 'iPod mode'. The display will indicate when the iPod/iPhone is correctly connected:

3. Press the < and > buttons to select the previous or next music track.

4. Press the SELECT button to play or pause the music.

5. The iPod/iPhone will play and be heard in the speakers. "Play Mode" will show on the display.

Don't forget the iPhone may need to be removed from a case or 'skin' in order to connect properly. 


*This Digital Alarm Clock is only compatible with Apple 30-Pin iPhone and iPod's



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