GCR1881DABIP : AUX Input Socket

External audio devices (an MP3 player for example) can be connected to play through the GCR1881DABIP DAB Digital Alarm Clock Radio with iPhone Dock.

To connect an external audio device via the AUX input:

1. Connect a 3.5mm stereo audio lead (not included) to the AUX-IN socket on the rear panel.

2. Connect the other end of the lead to the output from the auxiliary device. 

3. Press the Power Button to turn on your DAB Radio system.

4. Press the MODE button to select the AUX mode.

5. The display will show 'AUX' which indicates it is now set up to play your auxiliary device.

6. Turn on the auxiliary device.

7. Adjust the volume level by pressing the Volume buttons on your DAB Radio system. 




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