PEBBLE - GMR1888 : How to use the DAB function

When you first switch on your Pebble DAB+ Digital & FM RDS radio it will automatically begin to scan for DAB stations.

  1. For best reception, make sure the aerial is fully extended.
  2. To switch to DAB, press MODE button until the display shows DAB. 
  3. To full scan the stations, press SCAN button.
  4. A progress bar will show the progress of the scan.Stations found will be automatically stored. The number of stations found will also be displayed at the display. The first station available will be played automatically. If no DAB signal is detected, “No Signal” will be displayed.
  5. Subsequent use : Your last selected station will be displayed, tuned and played if possible.
  6. Rotate the Tuning /Select dial to scroll the station list,and then press the Tuning /Select dial to play the station. 


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