HERITAGE II CONNECT : How to store and recall preset stations.

The Heritage II Connect has 30 presets: 10 DAB, 10 FM and 10 Internet Radio Stations.

  1. Tune to the your favourite station.
  2. Press and hold the PRESET button until 'Save To Preset' is shown along with the list of available presets.
  3. Turn the SELECT dial to navigate to an empty preset slot.
  4. Press the SELECT dial to save the station to the preset slot.
  5. 'Preset Stored' will show to confirm that the preset has been saved.

To recall a preset station:

  1. Press the PRESET button and 'Recall from Preset' will be shown.
  2. Turn the SELECT dial to navigate to the desired station.
  3. Press the SELECT dial to listen to the station.
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