GD11FVRSD32 / 50 : Displays "Media Initializing".

Sometimes the Hard Drive can get stuck in a loop due to a disc error. To resolve this error you will need to format the hard drive. This will clear the errors and allow the drive to start again.

NOTE: Reformatting the hard drive will erase all of the recordings that you have stored on your DTR, along with any scheduled recordings or series recordings. Make a note of any future recordings you have 
To perform a hard drive disk format please follow these steps:
  1. Press Menu on your remote control then use the up / down arrows to select Settings and press OK.
  2. Use the up / down arrows to select Format HDD option and press OK.
  3. Select Yes to confirm that you understand that all recordings and settings will be lost. Wait for the process to complete.

Warning: When performing a hard drive format, please remember that all of your recorded programmes will be deleted permanently.

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