GCR01 : How to set-up

To set-up your GCR01 Alarm Clock Radio:

  1. Plug in the 3-Pin plug into the power socket.
  2. The display will show 0:00. Press and hold TIME-SET and the digits will flash. Press the HOUR and MIN buttons to set the correct time. Press TIME-SET to store.
  3. To set a daily alarm, press and hold AL-1 (or AL-2 for a second alarm) and the digits will flash 0:00.
  4. Use the HOUR and MIN buttons to set your desired alarm time.
  5. Press AL-1 (or AL-2) and bU will flash.
  6. Press AL-S to toggle between bU (buzzer) and the FM frequency (radio) to wake you.
  7. Press AL-1 (or AL-2) to confirm and store.

To SNOOZE the alarm for 10 minutes, press down on the GCR01. To cancel SNOOZE, press STANDBY.
To stop the sounding alarm, press STANDBY
To turn alarms off or on, press AL-S to toggle between Alarm 1 on, Alarm 2 on, both alarms on and both alarms off.

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