GSCOUTGPS : Only records for 1 minute

The GSOUTGPS In Car Camera records continuously when on, You may have the backlight setting to switch  the LCD off after 1 minute.

GSCOUTGPS stores the recording in loop segments onto the MicroSD Card. You have the option to adjust the loops to 1,3,5 or 10 minutes:

  1. Press the 'Menu' button to until you reach 'Loop Recording Time'.
  2. Press the ▲ or ▼button to select the recording time.
  3. Press OK to confirm your selection.

To watch a recording, connect your GSCOUTGPS In Car Camera via USB to a Windows PC, download and install the software contained on the card (also available HERE). The software will allow you to continuously watch the recordings and edit and store them on your PC.

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