CANVAS - GMR1886DAB : How to adjust the backlight.

To adjust the back light display on the CANVAS DAB radio please follow the below instructions.

  1. Press and hold the INFO/MENU button to enter the settings menu.
  2. Then use -CHANNEL+ to scroll through the menu until you reach the System option and then press the SELECT button.
  3. In the System menu you will again need to use the -CHANNEL+ button to scroll through until you reach the Backlight option.
  4. Press the SELECT button and then you will be able to adjust the time that the back light stays on.
  5. The options are 10, 20, 30 45, 60 90, 120 or 180 seconds, or ON to have the back light on permanently (not recommended for battery use). Use the -CHANNEL+ button to select the option and press the SELECT button to confirm and store the setting.
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