What is the parental lock code on my set top box?

The default PIN code is 0000. If you have changed it and forgotten the PIN for your Freesat or Freeview unit you can reset it.

Go to the Settings Menu and the Parental Control section where you will be asked for your PIN. Enter the 4 digit code below that relates to your product:

FREESAT Models         Reset Code

GD11FSRHD32/50         4000

GD11FSRHD32X/50X    4000

GFSAT101SD                4000

GFSAT200HD                4000

GFSAT200HD/A             4000

GFSAT200HD/B             4000

GFSDTR500HD             4000

GS103TZH                    6699

GS104TRH32/50           6699


FREEVIEW SD Model   Reset Code

GD11FVRSD32/50        2112

GDB1232DTR               2112

GDB1232DTRXi            2112


FREEVIEW HD Models GV101 & GV102 series

Press Menu followed by 0 to bring up the Diagnostics Page, then press the following colour buttons in order:  Green, Red, Blue, Blue, Yellow. This process will initiate a factory reset.


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