GCR01 : How to use the alarm

GCR01 FM Alarm Clock Radio has two alarms. To set the second alarm, follow the below instructions referring to the AL-2/NEXT button.

1. Press and hold the AL-1/PREV button and the AL-1 LED indicator and time will begin to flash.

2. Press the HOUR/VOL- button and MIN/VOL+ button to adjust the alarm time.

3. Press the AL-1/PREV button to confirm the alarm time and then press the AL- OFF/AL-S button to select whether to wake by FM radio or buzzer (bU). Press the AL-1/PREV button to confirm. 

4. Press the AL-OFF/AL-S button to cycle between alarm 1 on, alarm 2 on, alarm 1 & 2 on and alarm off.


To Snooze, press down on the radio. It's feet will switch the SNOOZE feature to resound the alarm in 9 minutes

To stop the alarm, press AL-OFF

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