GMC01 : How to set the time

With the GMC01 Micro System with USB in standby:

  1. Press and hold the FUNC button until the display flashes 24H. Release the FUNC button.
  2. Press the TUNE-/SKIP- or TUNE+/SKIP+ button to switch between 24 hour and 12 hour display.
  3. Press the FUNC button, The time is displayed with the hours flashing.
  4. Press the TUNE-/SKIP- or TUNE+SKIP+ button to set the hour.
  5. Press the FUNC button. The time is displayed with the minutes flashing.
  6. Press the TUNE-/SKIP- or TUNE+/SKIP+ button to set the minutes.
  7. Press the FUNC button to confirm and set the current time.
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