BASE : No Sound

If there is no sound coming from the BASE, follow these troubleshooting tips: 

Make sure the BASE is powered on. There will be an illuminated LED on the front right:

  • Red LED - Standby mode
  • Blue Flashing LED - Bluetooth pair mode (while the blue LED is flashing the Bluetooth receiver is waiting to connect to a Bluetooth device)
  • Blue LED (on) - Bluetooth mode - Connected.
  • Green LED - AUX input mode - Connect via the red and white RCA leads.
  • Purple LED - Line in mode - Connect via the 3.5 mm Jack on the rear.
  • White LED - OPTICAL in mode - Connect via Digital Optical where suitable.
  • Yellow LED - COAXIAL in mode - Connect via Coaxial cable where available.
  1. Check the volume control of the BASE is not at a minimum.
  2. Check the BASE is not set to mute.
  3. Make sure the BASE is set to the correct source that corresponds to the connected input and cable.
  4. Check the connections on the TV are an AUDIO OUTPUT.
  5. Some TV's have an additional volume control setup, consult your TV's user guide.
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