FREEVIEW : Some of my channels do not have sound

It is advised to delete all existing channels and re-install them. 

Perform a First Time Installation/ Factory Reset on your unit. This will reinstall all the existing channels

If that does not fix the problem please try performing a First Time Installation/ Factory Reset without the aerial connected to clear the memory. 

  1. Unplug your box from the mains
  2. Disconnect the cable from the 'RF in' socket
  3. Wait couple of minutes
  4. Plug mains back in
  5. From the Settings menu perform a First Time Installation/ Factory Reset, it will fail without an aerial. Your channel list should be empty
  6. Reconnect cable to 'RF In' socket
  7. From the Settings menu perform a First Time Installation/ Factory Reset

Please note: A first time installation will not delete stored programmes, but it will delete any scheduled recordings in your library, you will need to re-set your future recording schedule.

If you need an aerial installation or help with your existing setup, we recommend that you use a CAI registered installer. Please see the Get Me Viewing website for further details about services available in your area. 

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