SOUNDBAR : What’s the difference between audio connections?

The best connection, if it is available both on your TV and soundbar, is a Digital Optical audio connection. This feature uses a beam of light to send a digitally encoded audio signal between your TV and your Sound Bar. By using light, there is no loss or interference to the signal. This digital signal is at a set level, so you will need to use the soundbar volume as master control. You may need to enable the digital audio feature and disable the TV speakers through the TV settings, check your TV's user guide. ASPECTBASE, GDSBT50SS, GDSB04BT60 and GDSBT100OP have Optical Inputs.

The second best option is Digital Co-Axial (or COAX) audio connection if it is available on both your TV and Sound Bar. This option is still a digital encoded audio signal but this time passes the signal through a conventional cable. There is still no loss to a signal though. Use the sound bar volume control only. ASPECTBASE GDSBT100OP and have Digital Coaxial Inputs.

Either LINE IN or AUX IN is an analogue connection and is still a great connection method if it is available on both your TV (ensure you connect to the AUDIO OUT connection on the rear of your TV) and Sound Bar. This uses and analogue signal through a conventional RCA or 3.5mm stereo jack cable. Because it is an analogue signal, it could be a subject to interference. Please route your cable as far from the mains as possible. You may need to enable the audio feature and disable the TV's speakers through TV's settings. See your TV's user guide. Use the Sound Bar volume control only. All of our soundbars have an analogue input.

Headphone connection is a universal connection method. Most TV's have a headphone socket. This feature is also an analogue signal, so it could be subject to interference. Please route your cable far from the mains. This way of connecting your soundbar automatically mutes your TV's speakers and both your TV and Sound Bar volume controls can be used. All of our soundbars have a suitable input.

Visit our soundbar support page HERE where you can download User Guides and Connection guides.


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