Why have I got black bars on the sides of my screen?

A widescreen TV will display the picture in a 16:9 format by default but your TV may have been set to the older 4:3 format in error. On most models there may be an Aspect or Zoom button on the remote control that will change the picture size. However, you may need to go in to the settings menu to change this, if you require assistance please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Important Note 1: If your TV is attached to other products such as a set-top box, you may be able to eliminate the bars by changing the output resolution or format of the set-top box. Consult your device's User Guide.

Important Note 2: In some cases, the broadcast programme or movie you are watching may include the bars, especially if it is something from the 1990's or earlier. If this is the case, you can't remove them.

Important Note 3: If the video or DVD you are watching is in standard 4:3 format, changing the picture size may distort the image or cut off part of the image. If this is the case you may want to leave the picture size at 4:3.



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