HERITAGE : How to set the Alarms.

1. Press the ‘Alarm’ button to select either ‘ALARM 1 SETUP’ or ‘ALARM 2 SETUP’. Press the Select dial to confirm your selection.
2. Press the Select button (right hand dial) to enter the alarm wizard. The wizard will help you set the alarm time, duration, source and volume of the radio.
When the alarm sounds:
Press the TUNE/SELECT dial and you can select a snooze time of 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes. 
To Stop the alarm:
Press the STANDBY dial or the ALARM button.
To cancel an alarm:
1. Press the ‘ALARM’ button and select either ‘ALARM SETUP 1’ or ‘ALARM SETUP 2’ as required.
2. Press the TUNE/SELECT dial to confirm your selection.
3. Turn the TUNE/SELECT dial to select ‘ALARM OFF’ and press the TUNE/SELECT dial to confirm.
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