Why do Goodmans products have USB ports?

USB ports boast a wide range of functionality, which is why we incorporate them into our product design more. Here a just a few examples of why we do so:

  1. GO Digital Radio and NOD Digital Clock Radio can charge devices like your smart phone directly* from the USB connection on the rear.
  2. ROCKA DAB+ Digital & FM RDS Radio is powered via USB so you do not need to be near a plug socket, your laptop can power ROCKA!
  3. GMC01 Micro System and GMN02BT can either charge a device or play MP3 or WMA music files from a USB stick.
  4. Our GVLEDHD range of Televisions can record TV and view photo and music files using a USB stick.
  5. Freeview and Freesat set top boxes and DTR's solely use the USB port for software updates.

*Additional leads may be required.

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