GCR02: How to use the alarm

To set the alarm on the GCR02 Alarm Clock Radio:

  1. Press and hold the Alarm 1 button (3) until the numbers flash.
  2. Press the Hour setting button (7) to adjust the hours. Please note: GCR02 uses the 24-hour clock.
  3. Press the Minute setting button (8) to adjust the minutes. 
  4. Press the Alarm 1 button to set the confirm the alarm time (3).
  5. Press the Setting down (7) or Setting up (8) button to select whether the alarm will user the buzzer or FM radio ('bb' means to wake up by buzzer and 'F' means to wake by FM radio).
  6. Press the Alarm 1 button to confirm the selection. The Alarm 1 indicator on the display will then light up. 
  7. To set a 2nd alarm follow the same process, instead, using the Alarm 2 button (2) instead of Alarm 1 (3)


To switch off the alarm:

  1. To snooze the alarm which resets the alarm for 9 minutes later, press the 'SNOOZE' button (5).
  2. To stop the alarm but keep the alarm at the same time the next day, press the Standby button (1) or the relevant Alarm button (3 or 2)
  3. To cancel the alarm completely press the relevant Alarm button (3 or 2).
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