GCR1881DABIP : How to store and recall preset stations.

You can store up to 10 DAB stations on the GCR1881DABIP Digital Alarm Clock Radio.

1. In DAB mode, press the < and > buttons to scroll through the stations in the station list. .

2. Press the SELECT button to confirm the station you wish to preset.

3. Press and hold the PRESET button. Preset position 1 will show in the display.

4. Press the < and > buttons to select the required preset memory position.

5. Press the SELECT button to confirm.

6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 if you wish to store more preset stations.


To recall station:

1. Press the PRESET button briefly. Preset position 1 will show in the display.
2. Use < and > buttons to select the desired preset number/station.
3. Press the SELECT button to confirm.
Please note: If you select a preset location that has not been programmed with a station, “Not set” will be displayed. The radio will return to the previously selected station after a few seconds.
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