GSCOUT : How to turn on the parking monitor mode

 There are two parking monitoring modes on the GSCOUTHD Dash Cam or GSCOUTGPS Dash Cam:
1. Vibration Boot: (P Mode),
Press and hold the ▼ button to enable or disable the mode. When P Mode is enabled, the camera will automatically begin recording when a collision occurs. If the vibration continues, the camera icon will turn a red colour. After the vibration stops, the camera will shut down automatically. 
P Mode is specifically designed to retain footage captured from collisions and other vibrations that may incur damage upon your vehicle and or theft.  
2. Time-Lapse Photography (T Mode),
Press and hold the OK button to enable or disable this mode. When T mode is in operation, continuous recording will be started at the speed of 1 photo per second, after which they will be played back at a rate of 30 photos per second. 
T Mode is designed to capture high speed photography, providing peace of mind in the monitoring of your vehicle as well as assisting you in regards to collisions, theft and other damage incurred upon your vehicle. 
Either of these modes will consume power from the internal battery, so for long periods of monitoring with either of these modes, we would recommend connecting to an external power source or battery.
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