GCR1880DAB : How to store and recall preset stations

Your GCR1880 DAB Digital Alarm Clock Radio can store 10 DAB & 10 FM station presets. 

1- Press and hold the MODE/MENU Button until it displays ‘Preset Recall’

2- Press the > Button to select the Preset Store option.

3- Press the SELECT Button to confirm.

4- Press the < or > Button to cycle through the preset station numbers 1-10.

5- Select your preferred preset station number and then press the SELECT Button. ‘Preset # stored’ will be displayed.


To recall a stored station:

1. Press the MODE/MENU button to select the mode you wish to play.

2. Press and hold the MODE/MENU button to enter the ‘Preset Recall’ setting.

3. Press the < or > Buttons to select your preset number and then press the Select button to confirm.


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