GCRUSB03 : How to use the alarm

To set the alarm on the GCRUSB03 FM Alarm Clock Radio

1. In standby mode, press and hold the  button until the numbers flash.

2. Press the HR. and MIN. buttons to set the hours and minutes

3. Press the  button then press the < or > to select whether the alarm will use the buzzer (bb) or the FM radio (frequency shown).

4. Press the  button to confirm the selection. The Alarm 1 indicator which is on the face of the unit will light up.


To turn off the alarm:

1. To Snooze the alarm, press the SNOOZE button. The alarm stops and will sound again 9 minutes later. The alarm indicator will flash.

2. To stop the alarm today, press the power button

3. To cancel the alarm press the  button and use the < or> to select OFF to cancel the alarm permanently .

Please note: The same procedure applies for alarm 2 with the  button.

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