GCR01 : How to store and recall a preset station.

The GCR01 Alarm Clock Radio has 20 presets. To store a station you will need to:

1. Tune to your favourite station.

2. Press the MEM button - the preset number will then flash. You will then need to press the MEM button again confirm and store the preset.

3. For each subsequent station you wish to store, repeat step 2 and the station will be stored in the next available preset.

The GCR01 Alarm Clock Radio is also equipped with an Autostore feature. Press an hold MEM and the presets will automatically scan the frequency range and save available stations automatically.

To recall a saved preset on the GCR01 Alarm Clock Radio, press the TIME-SET/PRESET button repeatedly to scroll through the presets until you find the station you want to listen to.

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