DIGITAL RADIO : No services available shown

If your DAB radio is displaying 'NO SERVICES AVAILABLE' after a FULL SCAN:

1. Ensure that the aerial on the unit is fully extended.

2. Try your aerial at different angles.

3. Reposition your DAB Radio somewhere else, try near a window, or outer wall.

Some building structures and your local environment can affect your reception

You can also check the DAB coverage for your area by visiting the DAB Postcode checker HERE. This website can tell you which DAB stations you should* be able to receive.

The postcode checker provides predictive DAB coverage information, and allows you to check which digital stations should be available at your address. It doesn't allow for other factors that may affect reception, such as whether you live in a very built-up area, or in a basement flat, if the building has a steel frame or is made of reinforced concrete.

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