GSR1885DAB : How do I scan for stations?

When you turn the GSR1885DAB DAB Digital Radio on for the first time the radio will automatically scan, see example below.

The radio scans for all usable stations (full scan) and stores them alphanumerically:1 Radio, 2 Radio, AA Radio, AB Radio... and so on.The initial scan will take a few minutes. After the scan completes, the clock will be set and the radio will play the first station in the sequence.

To browse for another digital station

1. Press the ◄ or ► buttons repeatedly on the unit or on the remote control.

2. The stations in the station list will be displayed in sequence.

3. Press the buttons until you find the station you want to listen to. 

4. Press the SELECT button to select the displayed station.

5. After a short delay, the radio will tune to the station.


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