GDPRDAB : How to store and recall preset stations.

The GDPRDAB Portable DAB+ Digital Radio has 20 presets each for DAB and FM.

To save a station, tune to the desired station:

  1. Press and hold the P button to bring up the Preset Store list.
  2. Swipe the DIAL to cycle through the available presets numbers (1 - 20). 
  3. To save the station, press the DIAL once on the chosen preset number.
  4. You will see the message 'Stored Successfully' appear on the display.

To recall a station:

  1. Short press the P button to open the Preset Recall List.
  2. Swipe the DIAL to cycle through to the station you want to listen to.
  3. Press the DIAL to select and listen to the station.
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